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Привет, ест какои знакомий сервис дла регистрацийи доменоф анонимно ? Спасибо.

Привет, Скакова язика гоогле переводит тексти боле нормалние ? German to English Spanish to English Italian to English Ест опит ?

Hello, Someone use ''chitika'' ads network for ''dors'' ? Im find one site and see it in site. The most important, this site was in LV language and maked with autodor :)

Hello, Can you please say what kind network can use for ''dors'', here have (write) some networks but I can not find anymore. This all takes ''dor'' sites , ,, ? They write to moderate all sites, or its only automatic moderation. Thanks.

''''''''''Welcome to doorways makers! '''''''''' Thank you !

'''''''You are troll 80 level ))) ''''''''''' No! I write true! )))

''''''''''''''Ппц сколько англоговорящий повылазило.''''''''''''' He he , funny )))) the world is small .

About in '''dors'''' not have a money, looks its true ((( but I earn some euros, something I do wrong, maybe keys is wrong and trafic is not targeting, hard to say.........

Wow, so much comments )) About english is not perfect not all, to be true its not so good. Next, Im come from LV- Latvia, I read the some forums in ru, searchengines forum looks I read more then others ru forums about seo, etc. Idont have a problems read in ru just in LV and english language on keyboard is the same charters.

Hi, intersting place, need looks closer here!