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Блог: Ephesus Tours

Troy frommurmillo town where we went and had a statue of horse described in the epic Troy Hemeros ileum. Here enters the door of the castle soldiers who secretly hid the statue at Troy and war become the winning side. Ancient city of Troy is protected by UNESCO. 9 is composed of layers and each layer represents a different civilizations. In the last layer of ancient Greek and Roman empires are real city. In the first layer has a width of 90 meters from the castle.

We have Denizli airport with Turkish Airlines in Denizli Pamukkale tours and private airport transfer went 5-star hotel. The hotel had a very large spacious room. We met a nice breakfast in the morning we got up early and after our tour guide through the hotel lobby. Private tours and Pamukkale tour we attended our guide told us a lot more information about Pamukkale. first as a private vehicle for about 30 minutes before we went to Pamukkale open air museum. This place is like a mountain or cas